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[Publishing] - Patrick
The Zorcerer of Zo is out on PDF and pre-order for the print version. This is the new game by Chad Underkoffler (chadu) at Atomic Sock Monkey Press, and it's a perfect complement to Faery's Tale for fairy-tale inspired roleplaying games. Along with the rules & world, Zorcerer has an excellent examination of the underlying concepts of fairy tales plus a rundown of a full campaign, complete with discussion about what did & didn't work, much like Aaron Allston's wonderful Strike Force book for Champions. You should definitely check it out, and that goes double for Faery's Tale fans who can send their faeries on a trip to Zo or just plumb the book for ideas about running their own games. Chad is running a special where the first 50 people to pre-order Zorcerer in print also get the PDF for free, so get moving.

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